New Seasons Oil - Morgenster, South Africa

The landscape of Somerset West, in South Africa, is ideally suited to producing an Italian style of oil, which the estate of Morgenster has done since the 1990s – using trees imported from Italy – to much acclaim and continued success.

Importing an olive oil from the Southern hemisphere means that while the rest of our suppliers are preparing to begin the harvest, the new season's Morgenster has already landed in our warehouse. 

This oil has a beautiful aroma with some sharp, pithy lemon zest notes, mown grass and raw artichoke all detectable. Raw almond at the front of the mouth, with a growing bitterness - verdant green flavours of bitter salad leaves such as radicchio. At the end is a strong kick of cayenne pepper and a very long lasting finish. 

Morgenster’s Extra Virgin Olive oil makes a wonderful salad dressing or use it to drizzle over bruschetta, your favourite Italian bread, or on your morning toast instead of butter. Drizzle on grilled fish, roast vegetables or stir-fries. It makes excellent mayonnaise and you can even try your hand at making Olive Oil Ice-cream. 

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