Frescobaldi 2023 Harvest


Harvest Report

Winter 2022-2023 passed on the whole with mild average temperatures. The months of January and February were slightly colder, but there were very few days when temperatures dropped below freezing. The months of March, April and May were characterized by big temperature ranges with a few days of temperatures close to zero. The end of May and the whole month of June were very rainy months, during the flowering and fruit setting phase of the olive trees. Summer 2023 was a season with not much rainfall. The olive had to implement all the mechanisms of physiological resilience typical of a Mediterranean plant. The olive trees had to slow down their vegetative growth allowing the olives to develop. However, the temperatures recorded for the summer months were not particularly high. Only on the dates of 23 August and 24 August did temperatures reach just above 40 °C. From the second half of October, the cooling of the days and the desired autumn rains have brought the olive ripening process to a successful conclusion before the start of the harvest, which began on Monday 16 October. 

Tasting Notes

Laudemio Frescobaldi 2023 is particularly balanced and harmonious. The aromas hark back to the fruit from which it derives, a freshly harvested and crushed olive, to which are added aromas reminiscent of freshly cut grass and tomato leaf. On the palate, bitterness and spiciness are combined in a very balanced and pleasant way. The typical flavours of Tuscany emerge, such as artichoke and thistle. In the mouth it is clean and round with a very enveloping note of green almond.

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