Truffle Season is Here

Truffle hunting season as begun, and we have quite the selection of truffle products for you celebrating these wonderful fungi. As the weather begins to change and the nights draw in, the earthy flavours of truffle are just the thing to add depth to soups and comforting bowls of pasta.

La Favorita Live Tagiatelle al Tartufo Bianco – Made with durum wheat this is a delicious tagliatelle with the distinctive flavour of white truffle. Toss with olive oil, parmesan and parsley for a quick, flavourful supper.
La Favorita Live Tartufon – This white truffle and porcini paste is perfect added to a risotto or rubbed underneath the skin of a chicken before roasting.
Giusti Truffle Balsamic Vinegar – A beautifully dense condiment made of Giusti 3 Medals Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and black truffle. Perfect for topping an omlette or a creamy risotto.
Giusti Truffle Balsamic Glaze – This thick balsamic glaze is full of the intense aroma of truffle. Wonderful for drizzling on grilled vegetables or mushroom soup.
A L’Olivier Black Truffle Mustard – Dijon Mustard blended with black truffle to create a richly flavoured condiment. Excellent with a good steak or to make a luxurious ham sandwich.
A L’Olivier White Truffle Oil – A star member in the line up of A L’Olivier’s flavoured oils, made of extra virgin olive oil infused with white truffle, this is a lovely paired with chestnut soup or roasted winter vegetables.
DOS Organic White Truffle Oil – Made without aroma mimicking chemicals, this intense truffle oil is a perfect addition to mashed potato, risotto or with cold chicken.
DOS Tartufi Truffle Honey – Made with Acacia Honey and Summer Truffle, we think this luxurious honey is wonderful with fresh goats cheese.
La Favorita Live Polenta al Tartufo – Easy to make, this truffle polenta is the perfect way to warm up a chilly winter’s night. 

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