Laudemio Frescobaldi Harvest


The 2021 climate conditions were very challenging for agriculture in the hills near Florence, Tuscany. However, it is under the most difficult circumstances that the finest products are crafted and are able to convey their unique quality.  The winter was noticeably mild compared to most and our farmland received normal amounts of rain. Unfortunately, on the 8th of April temperatures suddenly dropped, resulting in frosts in some of the lower valley areas (circa 200 meters above the sea level) where the olive trees had already blossomed. The frost made these tiny flowers drop to the ground thus cutting consistently the yield of olives. In Tuscany, we will remember the 2021 summer for the high temperature-excursions between night and day, which enhanced the development of olives’ aromas. The area also underwent a long period of draught, from July until September, limiting further the quantity of olives on our trees, while ensuring their quality and health. By mid-October, given the lower amounts of olives per tree, the olives began to ripen quickly, leading us to start the harvest on the 15th of October. The temperatures in October went down to 4°C (39° F) in the mornings and never exceeding 18°C (64° F) throughout the day. These weather conditions were ideal to harvest very healthy olives for our farmers and to press them right away in order produce and outstanding extra virgin olive oil.



Laudemio Frescobaldi 2021 is remarkably elegant and well balanced. First, fresh aromas of green olives mowed grass and artichoke. Then, the taste is very harmonic with a round flavour of green almond. It is very clean and has an outstanding herbal bitterness on the palate with a very long-lasting, pleasant spiciness.


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