Crispy Panzanella with Laudemio Frescobaldi


• 500 grams of dry bread
• 4 fresh spring onions
• 2 cucumbers
• 10 red radishes
• 2 bunches of basil
• 4 tomatoes (preferably with firm skin and pulp)
• 5 tbsp of Laudemio Frescobaldi
• Salt and pepper to taste

Panzanella was originally a peasant dish, made to use up old and stale bread. Make it when the vegetables are at their best and full of flavour.
Cut the bread into small, dice-sized cubes and toast in the oven. In the original recipe, the bread is soaked in water with the vegetables until completely wet. However, Frescobaldi suggest toasting it to give a
more uniform consistency to the dish, as the vegetables are raw.
Once the bread is toasted, place it in a mixing bowl. Cut the vegetables so that they are roughly the same size as the bread and add to the mixing bowl. Season generously with salt and pepper and dress with Laudemio Frescobaldi.
To present the dish, use a food ring to give your Panzanella shape, and garnish generously with fresh torn basil.

Serves four

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