Tasting Gift Box
Tasting Gift Box
Tasting Gift Box
Tasting Gift Box
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Tasting Gift Box

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The perfect introduction to the world of olive oil. Taste your way through oils from France, Spain, Greece and Italy.

The four olive oils are made of different olive varieties and offer a range of different flavour profiles. A helpful guide is included which includes details of how to taste olive oil as well as a summary for each product - its taste and suggested pairings. 

There is an option to add the balsamic tasting set to this set. This gives you the opportunity to taste four balsamic vinegars, aged for different length's of time, allowing you to discover the different complexities and flavours that develop over time.  


LIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greece, 100ml

Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italy, 100ml

Alziari Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EU, 100ml

Merula Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spain, 175ml

Tasting cups, notes and pairings suggestions. 

Optional extra:

La Vecchia Dispensa Tasting Set of Balsamic Vinegar 4x 9ml