Wild Garlic Oil
A L'Olivier

Wild Garlic Oil

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Wild garlic in France has the charming name of huile d'ours, or bears' garlic, as the leaves are the first thing that they head for when they wake up from their deep winter slumber. 

Now you can eat as the bears do every day with this delicious oil from A L'Olivier. They have captured the flavour of wild garlic amazingly well, with that spring-onion-like freshness fragrancing the air when it is poured.

Add to home-made garlic bread or drizzle over a focaccia before heating up. It can also be used in place of raw garlic and is great with tahini and lemon juice in a middle-eastern-style dressing. Try pouring over veg or chicken before roasting for a subtle garlic infusion. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 99%, natural extract of wild garlic (Alium Ursinum) 1%.