L'Estornell Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic

L'Estornell Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic

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High in the hills of Les Garrigues province in Northern Catalonia, the third and fourth generations of the Vea family can be found making their delicious olive oils. The groves, although not all certified organic, are run in accordance with strict biodynamic principals, and the family seamlessly blend the newest extraction systems with traditional olive cultivation.

Many of the arbequina olive trees, which grow on the hillside outside Lerida, the province's capital, are up to 200 years old, and sit on ancient terraces carved into the hillside. This oil is made using solely this variety of olive, and is organic. 

Tasting Notes: 

A delicious and versatile oil with medium intensity. L'Estornell's aromas of ripe juicy tomatoes and drying almonds evoke the Spanish hills on which the fruit that makes the oil are grown. Flavours of avocado, more tomato and almond skins are balanced by a gentle grassy bitterness and some black pepper spice.