Valdueza Honey
Valdueza Honey
Marques de Valdueza

Valdueza Honey

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As honey bees do not travel further than 3km, we can assume that all of the pollen that creates these honeys is gathered from the Valdueza estate. The honey is then extracted by time-honoured, traditional methods, which allow them to obtain a product of the highest quality. It is left raw, with no pasteurisation above 40 degrees, so as best to preserve its flavour and beneficial health properties.


Heather Honey is light amber to amber in colour with reddish hues. Intense and persistently floral with a sweet taste and bitter and salty notes. PAIRING: Ideal for yogurts, teas, fresh cheese, fruit, soft meats, some fruits and toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil

The Orange Blossom Honey is very light amber in colour, with floral and citrus notes. It is intense and persistent, with a liquid feel and slow crystallisation.  PAIRING: Ideal with game fowl, cheese, teas, ice cream, and toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil.

The Holm Oak Honey is beautiful dark-amber colour and is made with pollen from the evergreen holm oak, a tree native to the Mediterranean. Floral, with malted and toasty notes, it is intense and persistent. The texture is viscous and thick.  PAIRING: Ideal for meats, dried nuts, cured cheeses, toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil, and spiced roast meats.  Winner of 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards, 2019. 

The Wildflower Honey is more or less clear, amber color. Floral, with a variety of notes depending, on the flowers that dominate each year. Sweet taste depending on floral predominance. Liquid feel with varying crystallization depending on flowers in the mix.

Ingredients: 100% raw honey

Given that the honey has not been subjected to any physical or chemical treatment, in time it will tend to recuperate into its original, solidified state. If you prefer, it can be easily liquefied by applying heat by placing the jar in warm water.