Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Marques de Valdueza

Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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2023 Harvest Now Available

The Valduezas are serious farmers, a state of mind which is reflected in the terroir of their hard, rugged, Extremaduran estate. They are simply determined to do things well, and if that means spending money with an English designer to produce their labels, or employing the best Spanish agronomist to help them in their choice of olive varieties and where on the farm to plant them, then so be it. 

The Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca and Morisca olives, blended by expert Cristino Lobillo Rios. 

2022 Harvest Tasting Notes:

As elegant as ever, this year's Valdueza smells fresh and heady - orange zest and bitter leaves are detectable, while in the mouth there is a rounded nuttiness which balances these flavours. With creeping spice, the black-pepper finish lasts long in the mouth, mingling with notes of orange flesh, too.