The Food and Agriculture Organization believe that olive groves can support up to 200 wild plants, 90 vertebrates and 160 invertebrates per hectare and all of our suppliers take great care of their estates in order to produce oils of the highest qualities and preserve their land for future generations. 

Below is an outline from the Frescobaldi Groups commitment to sustainability. 


Agricultural practices: in our estates we pay scrupulous attention to all principles of Integrated Production and Sustainable Agriculture, and as of 2012 our estates have received AgriQualità certification from the Region of Tuscany. AgriQualità certification is awarded for the use of sustainable farming techniques compatible with the protection of the natural environment. For all our crops, olives included:

  • we regularly make green manure
  • We monitor bacteria and insects in our estates to ensure the environment and its biodiversity

 Forests: Frescobaldi has been the first in Tuscany to receive PEFC certification (the international “Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification”) which guarantees sustainable management of our forests. The Group owns and sustainably manages over 2.000 hectares of forests in Tuscany.

Solar Energy: In our estates we use solar panel for power production

  • the average annual energy yields of our solar panels 335.435 KWh
  • the average annual CO2 decrease is 226 tons

Pyrolysis: The pyrolysis of wood waste left over from the sustainable management of our forests enables us to produce (annually):

  • 1,500,000 KWh
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 690
  • 100 tons of organic soil improver for fertilizing
  • The pomace of our olives is also used to fuel our pyrolysis plant.

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