Lemongrass & Sansho Pepper Oil Tin
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Lemongrass & Sansho Pepper Oil Tin

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The 1822 range of flavoured oils in tins are lovely additions to any kitchen, both aesthetically and culinarily. Made by artisan producers in France, using the best-quality ingredients.

With a beautifully fragrant, lemony aroma, this Lemongrass and Sansho Pepper Oil is made for dishes such as sashimi, grilled fish or chicken and can be used to finish stir-fries, where the warmth will bring out its intense flavours. Sansho Pepper is similar in appearance and flavour to Sichuan pepper, though it is slightly milder. It is one of the seven main spices in a Japanese sashimi mix and is also traditionally used as a seasoning on 'kabayaki unagi', or grilled eels. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 98%, natural extracts of lemongrass 1% and Sancho pepper 1%.