Agrodolce Uve Trebiano (Grape)
Giuseppe Giusti

Agrodolce Uve Trebiano (Grape)

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Since 1605 the Giusti family have been producing balsamic vinegar, passing the recipes down through seventeen generations. In 1863 Giuseppe Giusti was amongst the first to write down the rules for obtaining the 'perfect balsamic vinegar'. This text teaches how the choices of grapes, quality of the casks and the time invested are the fundamental ingredients. they have perfected the art.

The Giusti Sweet & Sour condiments are delicate seasonings obtained by mixing the best fresh fruit juices from the organic plantation, harvested at full maturity, with the wine vinegars and some grape must. Ideal for dressings, marinades, glazing and caramelizing. Also excellent with refreshing drinks or as an ingredient for alcoholic cocktails. 

Ingredients: Wine vinegar*, concentrated grape must*, *Organic.