Extra Unified Olive Oil
Extra Unified Olive Oil
Sindyanna of Galilee

Extra Unified Olive Oil

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Extra Unified Olive Oil is a cleverly balanced blend of Barne’a, Coratina and Picual olives. Wonderful aromas of green apples combined with herbal notes of fresh za’atar, thyme and cinnamon. A light bitterness and pungency provide a strong finish with a lingering herbal flavour.

Winner of Gold Star at 2021 Great Taste Awards

The producers of Extra Unified Olive Oil are a team of Arab and Israeli women who share a vision of peaceful co-existence and work together to produce high quality and award-winning products. Their profits are channelled back into Arab women’s education.

In May 2021 Hadas, who leads Sindyanna,  wrote to us ‘in this dark time of violence and hatred that sweeps our country, the Arab and Jewish women of Sindyanna are committed to our unity and resolved more than ever to fight for humanity and sisterhood beyond national and religious borders.’

In this light, although we have no direct business or personal connection with the Ukraine, we stand by Sindyanna’s philosophy of peace and goodwill, and will therefore donate all future profits from the sale of their oil to the Red Cross Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.