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Orange Oil and Almond Cake

The simplest of recipes with the most wonderful results.

Simply combine 250g of ground almonds, 200 g of sugar, 5 eggs yolks and 130ml of your favourite citrus oil in a bowl and mix well. Fold in 5 egg whites, whisked until stiff, and bake for about 30 mins at 200 degree. Once cooled sprinkle with icing sugar.

The original recipe from Marina Colonna uses her Granverde oil, but we find that all of her citrus oils work very well in this cake. For more ideas on using Colonna extra virgin olive oil and flavoured oils in recipes visit

Great Taste Awards 2019

Two Star: Valdueza Holm Oak Honey
While Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the mainstay of the business, we have diversified a little over the years, most recently adding Valdueza’s exceptional range of honeys to our list.
The two-star award winning holm oak honey with its rich, dense, floral, woody and vanilla tones delivers on so many levels it was described by one table as judges as ‘the full package of honey’. Another table of judges commented that its ‘very particular and rather wonderful flavour profile would be great with mature cheeses, and indeed cured meats… (it is) rather amazing.’

Two Star: Ravida Lemon Oil
Ravida’s Lemon Oil was another well deserved winner of two stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards receiving positive comments from all the tasting panel who commented on its cleverly balanced flavour ‘with plenty of natural lemon flavour coming through, giving way to the grassy olive oil, with pepper and a really great depth of flavour overall’. Made using organic lemons from the Ravida farm it is the perfect ingredient to make mayonnaise with. Very limited supply remain from the 2018 harvest, so hurry to try this Sicilian Lemon Oil.

One Star: Ravida Mandarin Oil
Following in the success of their Lemon Oil, their brand-new Mandarin Oil has been awarded one star this year with judges enjoying the gentle citrus notes which ‘elevate on the finish with mandarin freshness.’ We think these aromas capture the essence of the Mediterranean and transport us straight to the Sicilian groves.

One Star: Laudemio Frescobaldi Extra Virgin Olive Oil
As all products are tasted blind the judges could not be swayed by this year’s gold bottle, but were won over by the oil inside nevertheless. Judges noted the aromas of freshly cut grass the distinctive flavours on the palate which end in peppery finish.
This star is the latest in a long list of awards that Laudemio Frescobaldi has won from the 2018 harvest including Slow Food, Grande Olio 2019; Olive Japan IOOC, Silver Medal; New York IOOC, Gold Award.

Crispy Panzanella with Laudemio Frescobaldi

Frescobaldi have been busy developing recipes which use their exceptional extra virgin olive oil. Though it's still perhaps a little too early for Panzanella in this country, it's a good one to have up one's sleeve for the summer when the really flavoursome tomatoes have come into season.

Serves four

• 500 grams of dry bread
• 4 fresh spring onions
• 2 cucumbers
• 10 red radishes
• 2 bunches of basil
• 4 tomatoes (preferably with firm skin and pulp)
• 5 tbsp of Laudemio Frescobaldi
• Salt and pepper to taste

Panzanella was originally a peasant dish, made to use up old and stale bread. Make it when the vegetables are at their best and full of flavour.
Cut the bread into small, dice-sized cubes and toast in the oven. In the original recipe, the bread is soaked in water with the vegetables until completely wet. However, Frescobaldi suggest toasting it to give a
more uniform consistency to the dish, as the vegetables are raw.
Once the bread is toasted, place it in a mixing bowl. Cut the vegetables so that they are roughly the same size as the bread and add to the mixing bowl. Season generously with salt and pepper and dress with Laudemio Frescobaldi.
To present the dish, use a food ring to give your Panzanella shape, and garnish generously with fresh torn basil.

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