A L'Olivier Lemongrass and Sansho Pepper Oil 150ml

A L'Olivier have recently added this exciting and vibrant infusion of lemongrass and sansho pepper to their range. With a beautifully fragrant, lemony aroma, it is made for dishes such as sashimi, grilled fish or chicken and can be used to finish stir-fries, where the warmth will bring out its intense flavours. Also works nicely as a marinade for burrata or feta cheeses. 

Sansho Pepper is similar in appearance and flavour to Sichuan pepper, though it is slightly milder. It is one of the seven main spices in a Japanese sashimi mix and is also traditionally used as a seasoning on' kabayaki unagi', or grilled eels. It hass a lovely kick at the back of the throat, and adds depth to the lemony top-notes in this oil. 


A L'Olivier

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