La Vecchia Dispensa PGI Red Label 1ltr

Red Label Balsamic Vinegar used to be called ‘8 Year Old’ before the new, stricter PGI regulations came in. Rich and complex, with a lovely sweetness imparted from the wooden barrels it has been aged in, the texture is dense enough to make it very good for dressing salads as well as in cooking.

Try mixing with Colonna Lemon Oil, and using as a dip for bread or drizzle over some new season asparagus with slithers of parmesan. Also makes a great base for a rich gravy; this is the one we use for the River Café recipe for Lamb Shanks in Balsamic Vinegar. This larger size is useful for professional kitchens.

Density: 1.20

La Vecchia Dispensa

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