Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

The Valduezas are serious farmers, and are simply determined to do things well on their estate in Extremadura, western Spain. If that means spending money with an English designer to produce their labels, and employing the best agronomist to help them in their choice of olive varieties and where on their farm to plant them, so be it. 

The first oil of the Estate is a blend of Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca and Marisca olives, blended by expert Cristino Lobillo Rios. It has a full, slightly sweet aroma of ripe tomatoes with a hint of basil. There is a delicate citrus-peel note in the oil, but the texture is creamy and full, with richer notes of ground almonds and a very gently peppery finish.

This oil would go excellently with delicate white fish and steamed or fresh vegetables.



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