DOS Tartufi White Truffle Oil 100ml ORGANIC

Emanuele Musini has developed a method of getting the natural aroma of the truffle or the porcini mushroom into olive oil without either steeping the fungi in the oil, which can create a risk of botulism, or by using a chemical essence which mimics the aroma, but is not actually the aroma. He is coy about how he actually does it, but assures us that the fact that these are the first products in this category that can be classified as Certified Organic proves that he has done it. And he has done it well. No more of those slightly petrol aromas that we used to associate with Truffle Oil.

The highly-esteemed and valuable White Truffle gives a rich and refined flavour to this oil. Use over mushroom risottos, cold chicken, dripped into fresh mayonnaise, in mashed potatoes... The list is endless. 

DOS Tartufi

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