Colonna Granverde Lemon Oil 500ml

More years ago than we like to think about, Marina Colonna poured some lemon flavoured olive oil over a piece of grilled fish she was giving us for dinner. “What’s this?” we enquired. “Oh, just a family recipe – we make a few bottles every year for our family and friends.” In 1990 we launched it here in London, and it became an instant success with chefs: professional and home. Special thanks to Simon Hopkinson – see “Roast Chicken and Other Stories” for a great recipe.

Untreated organic lemons are pressed directly with the olives to make this vibrant oil. It is wonderful mixed with balsamic vinegar as a dressing for tomatoes, or drizzled plain over grilled fish or steamed green vegetables. It can even be used for light sautéing. 


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