Castelines Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml ORGANIC

Jean-Benoit Hugues is a man with a mission. His mission? To produce the best olive oil from the Vallée des Baux, the best olive oil from France, the best olive oil in the world.
Jean-Benoit used to design silicone chips, a far cry from the Provencal olive trees that were so beautifully depicted by Van Gogh. But if you apply the same precision to growing olives as you do to producing the working innards of a computer, and the same precision to designing the pressing machinery, you are well on the achieving your goal.

The Orginic Oil is intensely flavoured, with a pungent aroma of sorrel, eucalyptus and woody herbs. These earthy flavours merge with notes of bitter rocket of the palate, with a finish of spicy green peppercorns. Harvested from 100-year-old trees which grow on the slopes of Les Alpilles, now certified as an AOP area. 


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