Ravida Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

The Ravida family's farm of La Gurra used to be vast, covering hectares of land to the west of the small town of Menfi, in south-west Sicily. Over the years some land has been divided up and sold off, but there is still a considerable area of cultivated olives trees, of vines and of lemon trees, as well as wild open spaces of the beautiful Sicilian macchia, full of aromatic herbs and ancient wild olive trees.

The oil has a beautiful aroma of drying meadow hay and ripening vine tomatoes. At the front of the mouth there is again a strong, fruity flavour of fresh green tomatoes, while a gentle mesclun-like bitterness develops. Black pepper spice finishes the oil off perfectly. A fruity and intense oil, Ravida has excellent balance and works beautifully over a tomato salad, as a seasoning for steak or simply with pasta and fresh herbs.


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